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My curiosity got the best of me and decided to sign up and I am so glad I did. Your coloring pages are awesome! Now I don’t have to take chances on buying coloring books with awful paper. I can download from here using good quality paper I get for free lol…Unlimited coloring pages for $4.99 a month is a really good price especially for a newbie such as myself to coloring, if I mess up all I have to do is print out another!

Deidra Bell

The pictures are so precious that I smile as I color the pictures. I love this book and many others that favoreads has for me to color. Take a look and enjoy the beautiful drawings that are offered every week. Have questions? They are quick to answer and take care of problems. I love favoreads and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  I give favoreads permission to use my pictures and praises for their use in promoting their company. Jane Swire

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QUESTION for colorists: what creative hobby would you like to try? 🤔 Check out our top 5 here - COMMENT ⬇ and tell us which one is your favorite or suggest your ideas!


Colorists, here's another stunning submission from Sheila Gruber☺ We love these Seahorses! They look absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sharing, Sheila☺ You can find this coloring page here -


Check out these 3 new designs we added this week!🎨 LIKE this post & vote for your favorites in the comments. ⬇ If this post gets 150 LIKES or more, we'll make the most voted drawing FREE this Friday! 😯 We ho...


COLORISTS, with your help we got almost 140 likes and more than 170 comments! As a Thank You we are giving away the most voted design for FREE 😯 Download it here - NOTE: it will be free for ONE DAY ONLY - March 1...



Guys, check out this stunning submission from Claudia Timmerman McKinnon! This wolf looks absolutely amazing and the details are just stunning! Thank you so much for sharing, Claudia☺ You can find this coloring page here -



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