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15 hours ago

Gorgeously colored lynx from Nosiara Tesla, ‎Ingrid Zoetelief and Gayle Larson. It's really incredible to see the same design in different interpretations☺Want to color it too? Click on the link -

2 days ago

A Friday freebieUsed assorted colored pencils...

3 days ago

Sharpie and bic markers, little bit of glitter glue...

4 days ago

Colorists, check out these cute Owls submitted by Nosiara Tesla and Teresa Wells. Absolutely love these artworks☺ And what about your weekend? Is it booked too?☺Want to color this design? Click on this link -

5 days ago

Designed by TiffanyThanksgivingDigitally colored by Jolene Harris Photoshop...

5 days ago

I actually painted this with rubbing alcohol and Sharpie markers....

6 days ago

Bic markers and glitter glue....

6 days ago

Check out these stunning ladies colored by our talented members Teresa Wells and Nosiara Tesla! They both look absolutely beautiful and we are truly happy to share them today☺Learn how to get these designs too by clicking on the links...

7 days ago

Just wanted to share this idea...Shutterfly was giving away 4 sheets of address labels (just pay shipping), but instead of using my address I customized them to say "Colored By Tam L French in a very pretty script to use on my...

1 week ago

What kind and size of paper are you printing downloads on? Thanks....

2 weeks ago

COLORISTS, this week we reached our goal and we are giving away the most voted design as a thank you for your support😯Go ahead and download it here - NOTE: it will be free for ONE DAY ONLY - Nov...

2 weeks ago

Autumn is a colorful and inspiring season. We absolutely love receiving your gorgeous autumn artworks. Check out these submissions by Nosiara Tesla, Carla Strating and Chris Preslar☺Want to color these designs too? Click on the links ...

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Social Media Posts

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